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My Experience and Education

How I built my expertise


Work Experience

  • In-house Translator and Localizer

    I started my career as a translator at Novilinguists Srl, at a long-established localization firm based in Genoa. After a short internship, the company offered me an in-house position to cover mainly IT and medical jobs. In almost 7 years as an employee, I worked my way up from junior to senior and broadened my expertise with marketing and transcreation, tourism and leisure, and videogames fields.
  • In-house Project Manager

    As I was showing a meticulous and well-organized mindset, Novilinguists proposed that I should start following a few accounts as manager and coordinator, taking care of project budgeting, job assigning and file prepping. I covered the role for more than 3 years, then we both agreed it was better to leave it in order to focus on what I was best at: translating.
  • In-house Copywriter and Proofreader

    While I was striving to grow and improve as a translator, I stumbled upon technical and creative writing quite soon. After self-studying the topic on books and manuals, I finally had the opportunity to put myself to the test when the Novilinguists started receiving a steady flow of copywriting and content creation requests.
  • Freelance Localization Expert

    Moving to Barcelona, I didn’t take with me only my personal life, but also years of professional knowledge. As a freelance professional, I can count on a solid and broad expertise backing me in everything I do, from managing workflows and schedules, to leveraging the budget and providing the highest possible quality.


Courses and Workshops

  • Traduzioni di stile

    Workshop on editorial translation and creative writing by Parole Migranti.
  • Artigiani delle parole

    Conference on translation and writing by Langue&Parole.
  • Transcreation, o l'arte di gestire le parole nel marketing e nella pubblicità

    Course and workshop on trascreation by Langue&Parole.
  • Progetta testi e siti con la SEO

    Online course on SEO writing and website optimization by Langue&Parole.
  • Elia Together - Mastering Digital Transformation

    Freelance and language company event organized by the European Language Industry Association.
  • GDPR per traduttori freelance

    Online course on EU General Data Protection Regulation for freelance translators by STL Formazione.
  • PlayCopy 2018

    Online conference/workshop on copywriting by Pennamontata.
  • Transcreation dei testi pubblicitari e promozionali

    Online workshop on transcreation by STL Formazione.
  • Laboratorio di traduzione farmaceutica

    Online workshop on pharmaceutical translation by Isabella Blum.