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Language Services

As an Italian native speaker, I work exclusively with Italian as target language. It’s the only way I can provide a natural, fluent and spot-on text with the right tone for the target audience.

Translation and Localization
Localization is “the process of adapting a product so that it has the look and feel of a nationally-manufactured piece of goods” (LISA). This means that translation is just a part of broader picture involving linguistic, cultural, and technical constraints. Thanks to my multidisciplinary and specialized background, I can help you localizing various types of content for the Italian market.
Review and Quality Assurance
Even the best professionals can make mistakes, this is why having their work reviewed by another one is crucial. As an experienced translator, I can help you assess the quality of localized content, providing detailed and impartial feedback regarding accuracy, style and compliance for linguistic requirements.
Language Leading
Bigger or continuous localization projects usually require various translators to keep the workflow going. But as the team increases in size, it becomes crucial to have one person in charge of evaluating the resources and assuring these are up-to-date. Covering the role of Language Lead, I can help you keep every team member on-track with project requirements by creating style and writing guides, building and maintaining glossaries and Xbench checklists, and developing processes for sharing knowledge and feedback.
Testing and Linguistic Sign-Off
Whether a document, a website or a mobile application, checking that the final version of a translation is perfectly identical to the original is crucial. I can help you guarantee that the localized content is easy to use and read, fully functional and fit for purpose. This includes, for instance, checking a written text against Italian orthography rules, comparing the final layout of a webpage to the source one, and reporting any functional bugs in an app or software.
Copywriting and Proofreading
I can help you create original content for the Italian audience. I have a fair amount of experience in writing blog posts and website pages, either with HTML or content generation systems, as well as creating brand identity and tone of voice guides. I’m also a recreational manager and creator for a Facebook page making fun of awful, unprofessional translations – sometimes it’s better to laugh than get mad about a job done so badly!

Fields of Expertise

Information Technology
I can localize user interfaces, online helps, user guides and manuals, websites and store content for both software and mobile applications.
B2C Marketing, Transcreation and SEO Translation
I can localize and transcreate brochures, newsletters, press releases, websites and social media content. I am specialized in business-to-customer content, and I can also handle SEO translation projects.
Life Science and Medical Equipments
I can localize user manuals and interfaces for medical equipment, as well as instructions for use and package leaflets.
Tourism and Leisure
I can localize blog posts, websites and social media content concerning travel, sport and music.
I can localize user interfaces, online help, user guides, website and store content for sport, platform and puzzle games.

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    Photo credits: Tobia Vitiello