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My Attitude

The values I hold

My Attitude


[…] The most accessible form of freedom, the most subjectively enjoyed and the most beneficial to the social order, derives from being competent in one’s own work, and thus taking pleasure in doing it.

Primo Levi – The Wrench

I love my job and I try my best to do it well. I believe doing a good job is a form of respect for everyone will benefit from it. And the better I work, the more I feel pleasured.



Only the fools don’t have doubts or uncertainties and are certain of not making mistakes. Not knowing everything is natural – the difference between a person who cares about his culture and one who doesn’t is that the former, in case of doubt, will verify whether what he knows is correct or not. Luckily, we can continue learning during all our life, given that we refer to the right sources.

Vera Gheno – Practical guide to written Italian

Being a professional doesn’t allow anyone to be overly self-confident. When it comes to translation, I always have doubts. These save me from making mistakes and often turn to be a spark for learning something new.



Curiosity is motivating, and it’s a powerful driving force of intrinsic motivation. Satisfying a curiosity creates a mental pleasure that asks to be renewed continuing to look for something new, surprising, sufficiently complex but still understandable.

Annamaria Testa

I’m curious. I like to know more, discover more, see more. I like listening others talking about their life and experience. Being a curious widens your mind and drives you to a better understanding of the world.


Constant development

Following our wind and will we may just go where no one’s been. Spiral out. Keep going.

Tool – Lateralus

It took me a while to find my path. I first had to understand what my talents are and the best way to leverage them.  But since I did, I’m constantly growing as a person and as a professional, and I don’t want to stop.